Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Night on Earth Party @ the Foran's Homestead

We had a great turn out at Foran's place and played a really fun Zombie killer game called Last Night on Earth. Basically the town is overrun by the undead, and the Heroes usually have some sort of mission to complete before the Sun comes up. I've played half a dozen games, and it always seems to come down to the wire as to who might win. I like games that keep the player in suspense, and this one does deliver. Thanks to Rich for cooking up some burgers and supplying the food for the evening. It was a great time!

We also got a chance to play a Magic-like card game, brought over by Poppinfresh, called Dominion. It won all sorts of awards and seems to be pretty high up on the top 100 board games list found here. We played a short fast game, (Francois and Jeffro too) and the game was quite fun and we'd like to revisit it again at the next meeting.

We could use an October host? Maybe a LNOE haloween party? That might be really fun? We are looking for someone to maybe host?