Sunday, May 17, 2009

Successful May Meeting!!

Thanks to all who attended our (south) Board Game Club get together Here is a brief recap of how things went last night.

In attendance were:
Colin & Erin (gracious hosts with Baby Elley)
Steve & Tracy
Filoni & Kate
Mike Fair (new member)
Francois & Kim
Ed Yauger

Games Played:
Racing game (flick tokens) -good starter game-
Axis & Allies Guadal Canal (Japan won via Admiral Filloni)
Ca$h & Gun$ (Frank was the cop!!!! 3 times in a row!)
Ticket to Ride. (Hit of the night, Colin found a winner)

Next meeting will be in July. Hoping to find a place to the north again. Maybe we can keep alternating the location between north and south so that each group only need drive long trips 2-3 times per year? Just a thought. Any northern volunteers?

Until then,

PS Thanks to Colin & Erin for purchasing the Pizza. They wouldn't take any money, which was nice of them to spring.

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