Sunday, February 15, 2009

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In this day and age of video gaming, I’ve come to realize that many of my strategy/board games tend to sit on the shelf and collect dust. One thing those games provided was an occasion to get together with friends, drink some beer, and have some laughs (in person) which video games just simply don’t provide. Oh, and I’m always up for a good strategy based match.

In an effort to achieve the above, I came up with the idea of having a Strategy board game club. Below are some of my suggestions or ideas. Feel free to offer some ideas and suggestions of your own.

Meetings occur on average of every other month. As the average board game can vary in time it takes to complete, our meetings should probably start between 7-8 PM unless stated otherwise by the host. Depending on different gamer’s stamina interests or appetite for gaming, game sessions can last into the AM, so whoever hosts should be fully prepared to offer their place until the game session is done. Game sessions can be held on either Fridays or Saturdays of the Host’s choice.

If our number get high enough to justify meeting more frequently, then that is something that should be decided or discussed by the group members at a later date.

Each member of the club should attempt host 1 event per year. As meetings would occur once every other month or so, this would give other members advanced notice (7-8 weeks) as to when the next meeting might occur. Attendance to these sessions is not an issue. Make what nights you can, when you can, but do not feel obligated to make every meeting as things come up.

March 09: Cullen
May: 09:
July 09:
Sept 09:
Nov 09:

There are gaming shops that have tables for walk-in gamers. Ex. Rt 19 in the North Hills welcomes gamers to come and play in their back rooms. Oakmont’s gamer store does the same, and has an entire level of tables for walk-in gamers. Sometimes such venues may be needed in case a host were to cancel, or some such reason.

In order to host, there are a few things that must be agreed upon.

1) The host must have enough ‘table space’ for multiple games to run per session. Card tables and extra chairs may be a good idea, depending on that night’s attendance.

2) The host is responsible for soft drinks, chips, ordering pizza or grub, which the gamers should help pitch in for the costs. The host is NOT responsible for beer. This is a BYOB type event.

3) The host is responsible for coordinating their event. Contacting members ahead of time, checking to see what games wish to be played that particular evening, giving directions to the game location, sending out e-mails during the week, etc. Basically plays the role of the ‘event coordinator’.

If you don’t host during a particular month, then you are a gamer. You supply the games, although the host can supply these too, if he wishes. Gamers bring the beer they wish to drink. Gamers can bring snacks if they wish, but might want to check with the host first.

Strategy type gaming would be this group’s primary focus. That is not to say that the group might not play what is called ‘beer & pretzels’ type games such as Munchkin, Ca$h & Gun$, Magic, etc. However the primary focus should be tactical/strategic in nature.

Examples might include, but are not limited to: Axis & Allies (Various), RISK (Various), Panzer Blitz, Diplomacy, Twilight Imperium, Chess, Go, Runebound, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Warhammer miniatures, Battle Tech, etc. Members of the club are responsible for bringing the games they wish to see or play at these gatherings. It is NOT the host’s obligation to supply the games.

If you have a friend who likes these types of strategy/board games, please feel free to invite or bring them along. There is no commitment other than time & driving to belong to this organization.

This will be useful for posting articles, game rules, or feedback over the course of the year. Online polls can be used too, which might help provide direction for what sorts of board games folks would like to play. I will set this up, and it will be viewable by everyone. You may need to create a Google account in order to post messages or comments on this blog if you don’t have one already.

A year from now the club members should reflect/discuss if this club has merit. If the group agrees the club is a worthwhile investment of time and fun, then at that time it should be extended. If not then it dies. Thus, by belonging to this club, you are only meeting 6 different times and places over a one year span. If the club does continue and a member does not wish to remain, he or she may of course quit at any time, although we’ll be sad.

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