Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 7th Update

Dear friends,

Here is an e-mail update for next week's board gaming club meeting. We currently have 8-9 members:

Jack Damico
Mike Fair
Rich Foran
Colin Symons (& Erin)
Rob Meer
Steve Leslie
Cullen Farrell
Jody Farr

While I understand not everyone can make it next week, I thought I would send out an e-mail to let everyone know who responded.
Our first club meeting will occur next Saturday, March 7th at my house in Worthington, at 7 PM. Those who have a long drive are free to crash on my couch if they so wish. I hope we get a few solid hours of gaming in.

I will have card tables and extra seats available should we need them. I will supply the soft drinks along with Chips & dip. BYOB or snacks as you see fit. Also bring whatever board/strategy type games you wish to play. I expect we will have about 5-7 people here for the evening, although a few may arrive a bit late. For those who can't make it hopefully we'll catch you at our May meeting. (Host for May TBA - Any takers?)

I have the following games at my disposal:

~ Panzer Blitz/Leader
~ Diplomacy
~ Ca$h & Gun$
~ Gettysburg
~ Munchkin (card game)
~ Axis & Allies (D-Day, Guadal Canal, Pacific)

Hope to see you then,

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