Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our First Meeting

We had 11 people show up for our first Board Games Club meeting. All sorts of games were played, and I think everyone had fun. Colin brought the game RISK, (variant) which had different objectives which was cool. We also played a couple of games of Ca$h & Gun$, chess, and Axis and Allies too.

Steve and Jack played two rounds of Guadal canal, but Jack was able to win both times as different sides. There was also a group of us that played 2 games of the card game Munchkin. Sam won the 1st game, and the 2nd game was sort of a tie.

Our next meeting will take place in the month of May. but we really need somebody to offer to host the next session. If no host can be found, I have some other ideas as to where we might meet, but I want to offer the next session to whomever. Please e-mail me or post if you are interested in hosting. The Host gets to pick the weekend in May that best suits them.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Also thanks to those who brought chips & various drinks. I had a lot of fun.

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