Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Axis & Allies - Guadal Canal

One cool feature to having this blog, is it will allow us to post various types of games, rules, and ideas of things we might like to play. One game that has been one that Steve, Jack & I have been playing as of late is Axis & Allies - Guadal Canal.

While it is only a 2 player type game, I thought I'd make mention of it in case we have extra players on Saturday who might like to play it. Games seem to take about 2-3 hrs to complete, and don't last beyond 5 turns due to victory conditions.

The objective is to capture islands in the Solomons and build air-fields for victory points, which your planes can then land on. It does involve using a "battle box" (seen in picture) to roll dice which is kind of weird. It is fairly easy to learn how to play, and once you play 1 turn (which lasts about 20 minutes) you simply repeat the same steps. What's cool about the game is you have so many strategy options on how to open up your game. I'm sold that this is one of the best Axis and Allies titles to come down the pike.

Anyway, if you think you might be interested, Here is a link to Avalon Hill's Guadal Canal Axis & Allies page. There, you can find game information, and even a copy of the rules, should anyone wish to pre-read (PDF) them and play.

A copy of the game board in case you wish to refer to it.
(click to enlarge)

On a personal note; My Uncle Bill, whom some of you may have met in the past was on Guadal Canal, and wounded in New Georgia. That was one reason I was drawn to this game, as it's kind of neat for me to have known somebody who was actually there. Anyway, I'll have this game there Saturday night in case anybody wishes to play.

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